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N12850RU Ideal for Businesses in Need of Rapid Performing, High Capacity Storage
  • Enterprise Size for Enterprise Tasks
  • HA System Redundancy for Perfect Operational Performance
  • Real-time Remote Replication
  • AES-NI Instruction Set Included for Improved Performance and Security
  • SATA III for Ultra-Fast Transfer Speeds
  • 7 Modes of Link Aggregation for Faster Transfers
  • RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 and JBOD
  • Secure Remote Access with VPN Connection


  • High Availability (HA)
    For the first time, your data is completely free of delays in access. Regardless of the situation, HA actively keeps your data on two separate, identical NAS. If one needs maintenance, the other will dutifully rise to the occasion without as much as a blip in service. Whether rain, shine, or Armageddon, your data will always be there.
    SATA III  for Ultra-Fast Transfer Speeds Select Thecus NAS now support internal hard drives with SATA III interfaces which feature top-of-the-line transfers speeds of up to an amazing 6 Gbit/s! They are also backwards-compatible with SATA II drives, so your old disks can still be swapped in and out without a hitch.
  • PLEX Media Center
    The Plex Media Server is both the heart and brains for any digital media system. The free server is a module available on the Thecus® App Center that allows you to set up and manage your media. With the Plex Media Server installed on your Thecus® NAS, various devices on your network (such as your Xbox 360 and mobile devices) can connect to and stream your local and online media.
  • Snapshot Backup
    With BTRFS support, Thecus NAS users can enjoy the simplicity of snapshot backups. Through BTRFS subvolumes, snapshots of data at various time points can be manually or automatically made and just as easily later restored to rollback files or folders to previous states.
    • Disk Clone and Wipe
      Disk Clone allows users to copy the entire contents of a disk to one or many other disks while Disk Wipe allows for permanent volume data destruction.
      • VPN Server
        A VPN Server allows users to remotely access a secure network.  with VPNs, businesses will be able to utilize a cost-effective, scalable and secured network infrastructure for its client base.
      • 10GbE Ready
        High-end data centers often need a level of speed that today’s average Internet cannot provide. This Thecus NAS is 10Gb Ethernet ready to satisfy the toughest needs of today and tomorrow.
      • USB 3.0 Connectivity
        The next generation of connectivity is here with speeds 10x faster than USB 2.0. Whether connecting digital cameras and smart phones, backing up large external hard drives, or extending the capacity of your NAS, USB 3.0 will make sure it's done in no time at up to 5 Gbit/s. Backwards compatibility adds the connectivity of a world full of USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices to get the best combination of speed and universal access.
      • Multiple RAID
        When it comes to data management, Thecus NAS truly let you have it your way. Create multiple RAID volumes each supporting different RAID modes including RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10,50, 60 and JBOD for your own balance of performance and data protection. Should a hard drive malfunction occur, changing one is simple thanks to online RAID migration and expansion, hot spare, and auto rebuild.
      • Multiple File Systems
        Support for multiple file systems including Ext3, EXT4, Btrfs  and XFS, gives Thecus NAS flexibility to handle many different types of environments. Users can simultaneously use different file systems across multiple RAID volumes to get the best of each one.
      • iSCSI Thin-Provisioning
        Get the most out of your storage space with the extreme speed of iSCSI and the efficiency of iSCSI thin provisioning. Connect through iSCSI for the fastest data transfer speeds available and make wasted disk space a thing of the past with thin provisioning's flexible storage functionality.
      • iOS/Android Connectivity
        In the modern world, nothing is as important as reaching your data from anywhere. With T-OnTheGo and the T-Dashboard, you can manage your NAS, and upload to and download/stream from your NAS using an iOS or Android device on the go.
      • Rsync
        Backing up your data is very necessary, and everyone has specific needs when it comes to storage. Thecus’s Rsync functionality gives users great flexibility with remote backup capability, a flexible scheduler, and the stability of Linux-based transfer.
      • User Quota
        Divide the massive storage of a Thecus NAS among multiple users. Whether there are two users or 100, user quotas make it easy to divvy up and manage disk space.
      • PCI-e slot
        Thecus NAS products are ready for a number of emerging technologies. Through the built in PCI-e slot, business users can add a 10G Ethernet Adaptor for lighting fast transfer speeds, or a USB 3.0 Adaptor Card to enjoy next-generation connectivity.


Thecus Technology Corp, today announced the launch of two new enterprise class NAS, the N12850RU and N12850L.These 12-bay rackmounts are the first of a diverse range of customizable enterprise-class network-attached storage solutions that offer massive scalability, with varying levels of hardware and software to best suit businesses intricate requirements.

“In this digital age, no other business' operation is exactly the same as another, each have their own specific procedures and infrastructure in how they conduct daily operations. Our new customizable enterprise-class NAS series brings the perfect tailored storage solution to every business. Matching the right components to businesses to achieve the perfect balance of price point and performancesaid Florence Shih, General Manager of Thecus Technology Corp.

The N12850L comes equipped with the Intel® Core i3-4170 (3MB Cache, 3.70 GHz) Processor and 4GB (expandable to 32GB) DDR3 ECC RAM. Delivering a free Intel security account, with a OEM version of Acronis True Image.

The N12850RU comes equipped with the Intel® Xeon (Haswell) E3-1225 (8MB Cache, 3.20 GHz) Processor and 4GB (expandable to 32GB) DDR3 ECC RAM.  This model comes with neither Intel Security or Acronis True Image  bundled into the NAS.

The new customizable N12850 series are perfect for large businesses who have found their business booming, thus have seen their data usage amplify rapidly. Businesses can request additional customization to further match their budget and processing power requirements. These robust, rapid and reliable rackmount storage solutions further deliver on Thecus' ethos of ‘empowering professionals'.

Availability: Units are now ready to be shipped


1.Spécifications matérielles
Composant Spécifications
Processeur Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1225 v3 (8M Cache, 3.20 GHz)
Processeur compatible avec Intel Haswell Celeron /Pentium /Core i3_i5_i7 / XEON
**Note: Pour special project / OEM. Thecus pour plus d’information
Mémoire vive Fournis avec 4Giga de mémoire DDR3 SDRAM
Module de mémoire pré-installé: 4Giga x1
Emplacement de mémoire total: 4
Mémoire extensible jusqu´à 32GB Memory Compatibility List
Interface LAN (PCI-e) RJ-45x4 :Auto MDI/MDI-X
WOL géré
Carte usb 3.0 attaché Cu30n installé
Interface USB Ports USB 2.0 hôtes x4 (avant x2, arrière x2)
Ports USB 3.0 hôtes x4 (arrière x4)
Sortie VGA Géré
Clavier et souris (PS2) Géré
LCM Affichage état système et informations
Indicateurs LED Marche/arrêt : bleu
Système occupé : jaune
Alerte système : alimentation redondante ou défaillance ventilateur système (rouge)
Indicateur actif/endommagé HDD 1-12 : blanc/rouge
Connecteurs PCI-e PCI-e x16 (x1) or PCI-e x8 (x2)
PCI-e x1 (x1)
Alimentation électrique Alimentation redondante 500W et plus (80plus)
Interface disque 12 x SATA for internsl
Environnement de fonctionnement Température: 0 à 40 degrés Celsius
Humidité: 0% jusqu'à 80 %RH
Châssis 2U en Rack
Taille (HxWxD) 89 x 440 x 662 (mm)

2. Software Functions
Modes RAID RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 and JBOD
Reconstruction automatique Gérée
Échange à chaud (Hot-swap) Gérée
Rechange à chaud (Hot-spare) Gérée
Migration au niveau RAID Gérée
Expansion au niveau RAID Gérée
Chiffrement du volume RAID AES256bit
Gestion de l'énergie Arrêt des disques en cas d'inactivité paramétrable
Recherche mauvais blocs Gérée
Informations SMART Gérée
Teste SMART Gérée
Disques en itinérance Gestion de l'itinérance vers Thecus NAS (OS5 64bit)
Configuration IP statique, IP dynamique
Protocoles de transport TCP/IP/AppleTalk
Protocoles de fichiers SMB/CIFS, HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, NFS v4, AFP
Agrégations des liens Load balance, Failover, 802.3ad,  Balance-XOR, Balance-TLB, Balance-ALB, Broadcast
vLan Géré
SSH Géré
UPnP Géré
Redirection Port UPnP Géré
Bonjour Géré
VPN Client/Server Géré
État du système
Surveillance du système Surveillance du processeur, de la mémoire, de l'utilisation du réseau et de nombre de protocoles d'accès des d'utilisateur.
Gestion du Syslog 1. Envoie le syslog à l'emplacement attribué
2 .Agis comme un serveur syslog pour recevoir les informations de journal des autres systèmes.
Accès aux données
Systèmes d'exploitation clients gérés Windows XP/2003/2008/2012/Vista/7/8
Mac OS X
FTP Serveur FTP intégré avec contrôle de la bande passante
FTP sécurisé Serveur FTP sécurisé intégré avec contrôle de la bande passante
TFTP Serveur TFTP intégré
Gestionnaire de téléchargement

BT download (via Transmission module)
NZB download (via NZB module)

Serveur d'impression (IPP) 1.Gestion des imprimantes USB
2.Gestion d'imprimantes IPP variées
3.Les clients peuvent gérer les tâches d'impression (lister/supprimer) via l'interface utilisateur web
Sauvegarde des données
Data Burn 1.Transforme les fichiers en image ISO et les graves sur disques optiques.
2.Transforme les fichiers en image ISO
3.Lecture depuis disque optique au NAS
High Availability Géré
Data Guard 1.Sauvegarde à hors site
2.Sauvegarde locales
3.Dossier de volume du function iSCSI
Mac OS X Time Machine Géré 
Snapshot Géré (Btrfs)
System failover Géré
Accès au niveau des blocs
Cible iSCSI / Initiateur Compatible avec des initiateurs Microsoft/Mac OS X/Linux et des cibles NAS Thecus
Allocation d'espace virtuel iSCSI Géré
MCS Géré
Regroupement  Géré
SCSI3 Persistent Group Reservation Géré
Gestion de l'alimentation
Planification marche/arrêt Géré
Gestion des volumes
RAID multiples Géré
Systèmes de fichiers disponibles EXT3/EXT4/XFS/Btrfs
Support multimédia
Serveur iTunes Types de fichiers gérés: AAC, MP3 avec tag ID3, WAV
Serveur Web Piczza!™ (via module) Types de fichiers gérés: GIF, JPG (JPEG), BMP, PNG 
Gestion de l'affichage des données Exif 
Gestion des diaporamas
Serveur Media Prise en charge du protocole de streaming AV uPnP (via module)
Identification des utilisateurs
Utilisateurs locaux Gestion intégrée des comptes utilisateurs
Groupes locaux Gestion intégrée des groupes locaux
Windows Active Directory Service Géré
Sécurité d'accès liste Noir et Blanche/ filtre IP supporté
Sauvegarde Cloud
DropBox Géré (via module) 
Elephant Driver Géré (via module) 
Amazon S3 Géré
Système de fichiers
Type Journal (système de fichiers)
Language Support Gestion Unicode
Autorisations (ACL) Lecture, écriture, permission d'accès pour utilisateurs individuels ou groupes pour le partage (sous répertoires et fichiers).
Quota utilisateurs Géré
Folder Quota Géré (Btrfs)
Gestion multilingue basée sur une interface web Langages gérés: anglais, mandarin traditionnel, mandarin simplifié, japonais, coréen, français, allemand, italien, espagnol, polonais et portugais.
Utilitaires Assistant Windows (Setup Wizard)
Systèmes compatibles: Windows XP et plus récent
Assistant Mac OS X (Setup Wizard)
Notifications par e-mail Messages systèmes envoyés via e-mail à l'administrateur système
Thecus ID/DDNS Un enregistrement DDNS gratuit est pris en charge (ex.
Connexion P2P Enregistrement de courrier pour la connecter à distance du NAS
Trap SNMP Processus d'alerte système
Mobile Applications (iOS/Android)
T- Dashboard (iOS/Android) Surveillance et administration en ligne (via module)
T-OnTheGo™ (iOS/Android) Envoi et réception de fichiers multimédias Chargement, téléchargement, streaming multimédia et webcam via une connexion P2P
Capacité d'expansion
Empilable Peux ajouter jusqu'à 5 volumes iSCSI provenant d'autres NAS Thecus
Corbeille Géré
Disque Web Géré (via module)
Serveur web Géré (via module)
Montage ISO Géré
User Access Log Géré
User / System Module Géré
Surveillance caméra IP Gère jusqu'à 10 caméras IP (via module)
Installation Auto des Modules Si le NAS Thecus est connecté à Internet, la liste des modules officiels disponibles sera alors affichées au sein de l'interface
UPS Géré (via USB)
Disk Wipe Géré
Disk Clone Géré
Affichage local X-Window via sortie VGA

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